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The promoter entity, manages the attraction of associates, once it has acquired 100% of its budget, (possibility 60%), a Foundation is created that would manage the Mare Nostrum Thematic (Interpretation Centre of the Mediterranean) and a Mercantile Society that would manage the Exhibition Halls (Exhibeo). The developer would build and execute the works and would be liquidated, to become the Foundation and the Mercantile Company the owner of the complex with its associates, until the end of its municipal concession. In order to have full autonomy, 100% investment is recommended.



Investors Attraction

Basically, the attraction of investors in the cultural field is given by tax relief for companies and individuals who invest in a non-profit entity, Mare Nostrum Thematic Area (foundation). The recovery of the initial capital, will be basically focused on the annual profitability of the Exhibeo area (10-12%), plus the common sectors of the Centre.


117 investors x 300.000 € = 35.100.000 €

100% total

137 investors x 258.000 € = 35.346.000 €

100% total

113 investors x 300,000 € = 33,900,000 €

96.86% total – 3.14% financial institution.

83 investors x 258,000 € = 21,248,000 €

60.70% total – 39.30% financial institution.

41 investors x 258,000 € = 10,578,000 €

30.22% total – 69.78% financial institution.

The way of attracting the investor would be through the deposit of the amount of the share capital, deposited in its entity or bank of Espacio Valldeburg slu, for a period of no more than three years and free of bank charges. Once this period has elapsed and without sufficient members, the deposit would be returned in full to the investor.

Do you want to contribute to the project by making a one-off contribution?

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