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Espai Valldeburg Center ®

La Vall d'en Burg February 2020

Cultural Complex of dissemination and leisure

in the La Vall d’en Burg

Urban sector located behind the beach of Sabanell and communicated with the sector of the Plantera, is the window that looks towards the mountain, for west, and for east, to the sea. Being a municipal land to the side of the old center of the Vila de Blanes.

Blanes, Costa Brava, La Selva, Girona 41° 40′ 33” N 2° 47′ 43” E

Complex location inside town

Project submitted in March 2005,

in the urban sector the Vall d’en Burg.

In 2005, the project Valldeburg is submitted to “Consorcio Isla de Blanes- Portal de la Costa Brava, it consist on exhibition, conference and convetion rooms, a cinema and a auditorium, with a 1.500 people capacity, and a underground parking for 600 cars.

Old Blanes

In 1821 Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, was the invented chemical photography. In 1889, was born the photograph , filmmaker and writer Josep Pons Girbau, thanks to him, the Vila de Blanes has a graphic reminder of its history, located in the municipal archive of the city.

The Valldeburg Centre is part of the Leisure, Culture, Communication and Dissemination sectors, located in the Vall d’en Burg area, where it takes its name.

Espai Valldeburg slu

C. Roig i Jalpi, 23 · 3r B
17300 Blanes · GIRONA
La Selva, Costa Brava

Register: 17010 / Record: GI-65338 / Volume: 3237 / Sheet: 178 / Date: 05/03/2019 / Inscription: 1