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Technical project

The building and its shape

The project finds its inspiration in “el Gallo de San Pedro” a Mediterranea fish that was used to base the organic and envolvent figure of the building. A simbolic architecture that wants to tribute the marine and universal biology.

Location of the complex within the village

Valldeburg Center is a cultural center where you can find two complementary areas: -Exhibeo: cinematographic exhibition area. -Thematic Mare Nostrum: area dedicated to the Mediterranean, as Interpretation Centre.


Consist of 7 independent spaces.


  • No cinema in the town center: old and joung people have problems to move to cinemas located outside of Blanes.
  • No facilities for cultural and scientific events.
  • No town auditorium.
  • No room for business or cultural events.
  • No small rooms for informative and business meetings.
  • No envoirment difusuion.

Project proposal

This private investment project is presented to Blanes, as a possible location for other cultural groups and a section of architectural moviments, for sociocultural purposes.
The project is considered for Blanes and other towns and regions, looking to get a cultural flow that provides a municipal, regional, continental transit.

The concession is requested from the city council of Blanes, for 40-50 years of the strip of land proportional to the constructed area, located in the Vall d’en Burg.

Once to the concession ended, it would become part of the municipal equipment of Vila de Blanes.


It is a cultural center of 5.200m2 (two floors and two underground) and 20.650 m2 built and designed for its accessibility, comfort, audibility, visibility, called Valldeburg for its location. Inside there are two spaces that complement each other through services for the use of multidisciplinary exhibition theater and spaces for dissemination and communication.

Common space

7 independent sectors where it can be accessed at random as part of the Exhibitbeo and Thematic Mare Nostrum areas.

Hall entrance

Information point

Box office

Coffee shop-snack-bar/pub

24h parking

(474 places)

Kiosk- bookshop-thematic store

4 classrooms for scientific, industrial or social meetings

Temporary exhibition hall

Specialised library




Dressing rooms – services

Production-technical services - graphics arts

Perimeter Mediterranean Garden

24h Parking

Complementary space to the Complex, designed on 2 floors of parking. It has one entrance and two exits, which favors circulation. Its maximum capacity is 470 vehicles and 6 buses in the first basement

Thematic Library

It is conceived as a space that will include information resources for research. At the same time the library wants to be present throughout theThematic Mare Nostrum interacting and enhancing the museum discourse.

This fluidity is what really defines and makes úniques the libraries of the 21st century: it is what I call “Liquid libreries”, they are bolth space and concept at the same time.

Dissemination rooms

Common and multipurpose space fot the training and communication of the Thematic Mare Nostrum, with 4 rooms of 30 students.

Meeting rooms

A space shared with the Classrooms, designed for small meetings, multi-purpose in two 60-seat rooms for community and outreach events.

Temporary exhibition hall

Random space for temporary exhibition of items related to areas of the Center, and partner-artistic in general, with a Surface free of 104.99 m2.


This community space is designed as a complement to the Centre, where you can serve a good quick meal with Mediterranean and local products, ideal for a quiet visit.

Thematic Store

In this space you cand find objetcs related to the Mediterranean and cultural arts, as well as magazines and daily newspapers.

Espai Valldeburg slu

C. Roig i Jalpi, 23 · 3r B
17300 Blanes · GIRONA
La Selva, Costa Brava

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